Bella Blogger.

I was tagged by the lovely Elizabeth as a beautiful blogger.  Since I was threatened strongly encouraged to write a blog post about it, here goes nothin’.

7  random things about myself:

1.  I am an only child.

Whenever I tell someone this they always ask me :”But don’t you wish you had a brother or sister?”  When I was younger I would have liked a sibling, but that is not how the cards played out for my family.  Now, I actually enjoy being an only child and feel that the guidance and support that I have been given from my parents is amazing and has truly shaped my decisions and who I am today.  Ironically enough, each of my parents have 5 other siblings, so I have been blessed with a large extended family and about 20-something cousins who I am close with.  While I haven’t decided how many children I want in the future, I do know that I want my kid(s) to have as great an upbringing as I have had thus far.

2.  I am a HUGE Britney Spears fan.

I’m not exactly sure how to explain the extent of my obsession but I own all of her CDs, have been to all of her concerts that have come to anywhere in the vicinity of the Northeast (and cried everytime she came out on stage), recorded close to every show that she made an appearance in, attended her performing arts camp, and stood up for her during the whole head-shaving, mental collapse period.  While I am obviously not as big a fan as I was when I was 14, she still holds a special place in my heart and you can bet your booty that when a Britney song comes on I am not ashamed to sing along and recite the lyrics word-for-word.

3.  I have been to Europe three times.

Although this is not a very impressive travel history, I believe that going to Europe and being exposed to an entirely new culture truly changed my outlook on life and more importantly only deepened my love for food.  I traveled to Spain for the first time, during the summer before my Senior year of high school.  I went with a program called Global Works and spent a month performing community service on an organic farm, living with a host family, and hitting all the big cities like Madrid and Barcelona.  

The following summer, as a graduation present, my mom and I returned to Spain.  It was fun to introduce my mother to the culture and the way of life of the Spaniards.  She couldn’t get over how stores just close down in the middle of the day for “siesta” and so people can go home to eat and sleep.  While the cuisine of Spain is synonymous with cured meats and white bread, Spanish food is so much more.  My favorite Spanish dish is Paella, a classic one-pot meal of bomba rice, seafood, and saffron.  Loves it!

Finally, again last summer my mom and I did another eurotrip; this time to ITALIA.  While I will most likely be writing another post devoted to Italy, I will say that the Italian food and culture have such a special place in my heart and that my time spent in Italy further solidified my obsession with simply grown, simply prepared, amazing food.  Plus, gelato is enough to make any person fall in love with the country!

4.  I’m a language girl.

Some people say they have a greater affinity for math and science, while others are English or History people.  Well me, I’m a language girl.  I have always had a knack for picking up languages and they are always the subject that interested me the most in school.  My first exposure was to Italian in 4th grade when I signed up for lessons after school.  I remember loving the sound of beautiful language.  I don’t remember exactly what we did, but I do remember learning how to sing the song “Head, Shoulders,Knees, and Toes” in Italian.  Then in middle school I continued with Italian, but when I went to high school, where they only offered Spanish, French, and Latin, I switched to Spanish.  I think that my early experience with Italian really helped me to pick up Spanish easily.  Also, since they’re both romance languages, many of the words sound and look the same.  When I started the college search, I initially wanted to be an International Relations major just because I loved languages and wanted to learn as many as possible.  Although that did not pan out (I am currently a Dietetics major), I am still able to study Italian.  I am now starting third-semester Italian and hope to be able to study abroad one of these summers.

5.  I am a former Catholic school girl.

“OMG did get to wear the plaid skirt?!” is usually the response I get when people find out.  Yes, I wore a plaid skirt.  But we had to wear uncomfortable tights underneath, not those cute white knee highs.  I attended public school up until high school when my parents decided that it would be best if I went to a Catholic school.  And an all-girls one at that.  While I was obviously reluctant at first, looking back now, I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to receive such a well-rounded education, in an intimate setting where I had all the guidance and help I could ever want.  I made great friendships with girls and formed bonds with teachers that I know will always give me a great recommendation whenever I need it.  

6.  I want to be a chef.

I have always had a love of food.  I’m not exactly sure what sparked my interest, but I like to think that I got the cooking bug from my grandfather.  From what I’ve heard, he was quite the chef and my mom always talks about his amazing beef stew, cherries jubilee, and homemade vanilla ice cream.  Unfortunately he passed away when I was 1 so I barely remember him.  

Right now I am a dietetics major but after college I know that I want to go to culinary school.  I could have gone directly to cooking school from high school but I knew that I wanted a degree in something to fall back on.  I am aware of the competition among chefs and I am hoping that my solid nutrition background will give me an edge.  Besides, my love for nutrition is right up there with cooking and therefore I feel that if I’m going to go to college it should be for something that will ultimately benefit my culinary pursuits.  I’m not sure exactly what I want to do when I grow up, but I do know that I love to cook and I would lovelovelove to someday open a restaurant.  

7.  I love ice cream/frozen yogurt

Molten chocolate lava cake?  No thanks. Apple pie?  I’m all set.  A trip to the ice cream in the dead of winter?  HELL YEAH!  My favorite flavor is Purple Cow- Black Raspberry ice cream with dark and white chocolate chips.  However, since it’s not a very common flavor, any ice cream shop that has purple cow gets a little piece of my heart.  To further emphasize my ice cream love, every year for my birthday I request an ice cream cake.  Funfetti simply won’t do.  It must be a mint chocolate chip ice cream cake.  YUM-O!  Mint chocolate chip is right up there with purple cow.  FINALLY, I have been employed by two ice cream shops, one of them being the infamous Dairy Queen.  Any blizzard fans out there?!

Whew!  Well that was a long one.  If you made it to the end then I hope you learned a little more about me.  

I’ll be trying to post more often now that I’m back at school.

Have a great Friday!


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  1. love it!!!!
    b.spears rocks my world, and you would make an excellent chef/dietitian 🙂 lets take some cooking classes this summer!!

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