‘Cause I’m (not) bluffin’ with my muffin.

Muffins are underrated.  They are crazy simple to make and require just a handful of ingredients that almost anyone has on hand on any given day.  The result is an amazing smelling house, a delicious treat to share (or keep for yourself), and a sense of accomplishment.  In honor of one of my favorite summer fruits, blueberries, I decided to make blueberry muffins.

To make these little lovelies, all you need is about an hour of free time,

A few pints of fresh blueberries (preferably organic and from the farmers’ market),

Your great grandmother’s recipe (or just a basic muffin recipe),

A little muscle,

A dash of thyme time,

A handful of self-control,

And a sprinkle of patience to wait for these babies to cool (optional)

Buon appetito!


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One response to “‘Cause I’m (not) bluffin’ with my muffin.

  1. you’re making me hungry!! stop! and putting a dash of thyme in would probably be delicious in fact-i believe i have had a fantastic blueberry + thyme cocktail. and if it was good boozy, it’d be even better muffiny.
    so glad to see your gorgeous photos and lighthearted writing pop up on my reader again. i hope more is to come soon!

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